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Artist Statement

I believe am not your average artist in any sense. I feel that my work and my approaches to making art are truly original. Every object that I see could possibly be something that I use in my work. I often appropriate junk for my art that I find on the side of the road or in second hand or Dollar Stores. Nostalgic kitsch items, both modern and antique, populate my paintings, wall pieces and sculptures. However, the way that I combine these objects puts a spin on their original meanings to create a modern context.
One never knows what might inspire me, including myself. When I see something that I think is interesting, I will acquire it even if I don’t have immediate plans for its use. Lately, I have been mining Fabricland for weird and wonderful fabrics which are collaged into my very bright and colourful paintings.
In these paintings, I use heavy-bodied acrylic paints and textural materials on board, canvas or Aluma- panel. I also may incorporate fabrics of unusual textures and colours into the works as well as glitter, mirror paint, bling, and found objects. The whole effect is a carefully orchestrated chaos.
My work may be humorous, serious, or both in intent. That too, is something that happens naturally. I sometimes feel as though I am a conduit to create art that seemingly has a mind of its own. Social commentary, satire, and whimsy are the most common thematic streams that develop out of my art practice.

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