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Video Art

Please God - Gallery Lambton

This video shows a view from above Please God.

Please God

A project done by Norman Barney and Jane Austin.

In Please God, Austin and Barney collaborate as they try to imagine what it might be like to be God listening to everyone's prayers at once, regardless of how petty or profound.

There are 12 individual voices in this piece from ages 8-80. In a gallery setting each voice is played through a seperate speaker. The speakers are in dark room with clouds projecting on the floor. The clouds and voices are played continously.

The piece is not a religious piece but is about an aspect of human nature.

Paper Machete - The Working Process of an Artist

Norman Barney describes what it was like to participate in Paper Machete at Lambton Gallery.

Paper Machete - June 2009

This was a collaboration of 5 artists that filled the Gallery Lambton in a week.

Norm's World

Chemo Head

42" x 66 1/2". An incased acrylic painting and photo of artist after going through 12 weeks of chemotherapy treatments. The 4 plastic bags with hoses are difficult to see and the glare in the top right is due to reflection on the plexiglass.

The beeping sound featured in the video is audio recorded from a Chemo unit.

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